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Volunteering at TRC

NEW Coach/Volunteer Registration

Dear Towson Rec Council Volunteers,

Baltimore County requires volunteers to complete a background check.  Volunteers and coaches are also required by state and federal guidelines to complete concussion awareness training and SafeSport training.  In order to comply, Towson Rec is requiring coaches and volunteers to complete a registration where all of these requirements can be tracked in one place.  

Towson Rec Council Coach/Volunteer Registration

Volunteers must complete this process.

There is no cost to applicants.

If you have any questions about the Coach/Volunteer Registration Process, please contact:

Christy Luis



Volunteer Opportunities within the Towson Recreation Council

TRC is an all-volunteer organization, so a parent volunteer does everything that has to be done!  Please consider getting involved in your son or daughter’s program. 


TRC President:  Provides overall leadership to the Recreation Council.  Responsible for direct communication with Baltimore County Recreation and Parks, as well as area school leadership regarding facilities usage.  Works closely with the assigned BCRP Community Leader regarding facilities permits, paid personnel, and County rules and regulations.  

TRC Vice President(s):  Two VP share the supervision of seasonal youth programming.  Direct line of succession to the Presidency.

TRC Treasurer:   TRC Executive Board member.  Reviews and approves all program budgets.  Pays TRC Bills.  Approves and sends out all checks to programs.  Provides monthly financial statements to programs.  Arranges outside audits and financial reviews as required by Baltimore County.

Webmaster:  TRC Executive Board Member replacing Board Secretary.  Maintains website, updates and communicates with all TRC members as necessary.  Instructs new program leadership in the use of the website for their program.

Board Member at Large:  Two TRC members with children currently in the program to serve on the Executive Board.  Members at Large are voting members of the Executive Board

INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS   Below is a general list of positions available within each youth program.  There may be more positions available in some of the larger programs, therefore please contact the individual program chairperson if you are interested in volunteering.

Program Chairperson:  Provides overall leadership for the entire program (ie Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Kelly Post Girls Lacrosse, etc).  Communicates with age group (League) coordinators, as well as Travel Program leadership.  Creates budget, ensure timely registration, delegates responsibility to others.  Attends TRC meeting as a voting member of the Council.  Submits expenses to TRC for reimbursement.

Field/Facilities Coordinator:  Creates master grid of field assignments between different programs (i.e. fall football and soccer), as well as teams within each program.  Works with program chairs to fairly distribute available fields.

Head Coach/Assistant Coaches 

Drafts team in preseason (rec level) or selects team at evaluations, conduct practices throughout season, coach games, and communicate w/ program leadership, parents, and referees.  

Referees:  At the recreational level, primarily local high school athletes with extensive experience and training in the given sport.  Referees are paid.  At the travel team level, referees are provided by the travel league but paid by the individual teams.

Travel Team Administrator (one for each team)

Assist coach in collecting payments, documentation (photos, birth certificates), and signed agreements from players’ parents.  Communicate with coordinators on uniforms and other aspects of program.

Uniform Coordinator

Order and manage distribution of uniforms for all teams within program. 

Spirit Wear Coordinator

Choose a few items (sweatshirt, sweatpants, baseball cap, etc.) to be ordered by parents and players.  Distribute flyer via email, collect orders, and distribute when delivered.

Equipment Coordinator

Assess program equipment needs, order equipment, submit invoices for payment, distribute to teams, and collect at season’s end.  

Program Treasurer

Track revenue and expenses for each rec program.  No accounting experience needed, only the ability to use a spreadsheet.