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TRC's Code of Conduct

Towson Rec Council's Code of Conduct

Let the players play,
Let the coaches coach,
Let the officials officiate,

Let the fans cheer ENTHUSIASTICALLY!!!


TRC Code of Conduct

All parents, spectators, coaches and players must abide by the following code of conduct:  

•  I agree to abide by the rules, guidelines, and decisions of the program director, administrators, referees and coaches.

•  I will at all times show respect for the rules, opponents, officials, and teammates.  If I disagree with an official or a coach, I will show respect by being silent.  I will never argue with a referee or coach.  I will never ridicule or yell at players, coaches, or officials.

•  I will refrain from negative comments about coaches, players, or officials in a child’s presence.

•  I will respect the rights, dignity, and worth of every person regardless of their gender, sex, ability, cultural background, or religion.

•  Parents and players will engage in “No Direction Cheering” by exercising self-control on the sidelines and limiting comments during the game to encouragement for players (from both teams).

•  Parents will send their players to practices and games with the required equipment, and on time.  Players and parents will notify coaches if they must miss a practice or a game.

•  Parents will not intentionally misrepresent a player’s age or ability at any time.

•  I will report to the coach all injuries, special medical conditions (such as asthma) or extenuating circumstances (such as lack of sleep or family crisis) that may affect the player.

•  I will be a positive role model for all players, parents, and coaches.

Failure to do so may result in penalties, including but not limited to ejection from a game,
practice, season, or the ability to attend or enroll in future TRC programs.