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Travel Tryouts




Registration for Travel Tryouts can be found here. All players trying out for Towson United's Travel program must complete the online registration.  Walk-ups are permitted but strongly discouraged.  Advanced registration is highly recommended so coaches and evaluators may know each player's name, number, and other information during tryouts, and so parents may receive communications containing up-to-date information relating to Travel Tryouts and team selection.

Divisions/Age-Groups: Towson United adheres to the US Soccer Association’s birth year age-group registration, not academic year.  As such, our Travel teams in the 2024-25 season encompasses players with birth years ranging from 2010 to 2017.

Fee: No fee to tryout. 

Schedule: The 2024/25 Tryout Schedule may be found here.

Attendance: Prospective and Returning players must attend at least one (1) tryout to be considered for a team, but in reality, players should attend both sessions to be effectively evaluated and considered.  

What to Bring/Wear: All players should bring sufficient water for the tryout, cleats/turf shoes, and shin guards.  All players must wear a WHITE SHIRT.  Current or returning players should NOT wear their uniform.

Check-In: Please allow adequate time for check-in ahead of your tryout.  Check-in will be available 30 minutes prior to a player's scheduled tryout session.  Parents/guardians may accompany players to the check-in process.  After checking-in, players will receive two (2) stickers each with a random number to be placed on the front and back of their shirt.  Parents/guardians must remain on the sidelines away from all players and must refrain from any communication with any player unless there is an emergency.

Player Evaluations: Coaches from each age-group determine the format of the tryout.  Coaches evaluate players on the five criteria: skill, soccer IQ, athleticism, effort, and attitude.  More information about tryout evaluation criteria may be found here.  Prospective players may be evaluated on their performance at tryouts as well as any other additional information known to the evaluators/coaches.  Returning players will be evaluated on their performance at tryouts as well as coach evaluations from previous seasons.  Please remember that because you were on a Towson United Travel team in the past DOES NOT guarantee a roster spot in the coming season

Goalkeeper Evaluations: Optional goalkeeper evaluations will be conducted for all age-groups 2016 and older.  Goalkeeper evaluations will be run by professional goalkeeper coaches from Born To Fly Goalkeeper Academy.  The goalkeeper evaluation schedule may be found here.  All players participating in goalkeeper evaluations must bring and wear goalkeeper gloves for safety.

Selection: Players are selected by a committee of coaches and evaluators, not by one single individual or coach.  Once the selection committee selects players, invitations for an age-group's top (or first team) will be sent via email to the prospective player’s parents.  The deadline to accept will be specified in the invitation.  If a player declines, an invitation will be sent to another player to fill that spot.  When the first team is finalized, invitations for the second team will be sent out, etc., and the process continues until all teams in the age group are selected and finalized.  

We try to keep the time frames short and appreciate prompt responses.  Once all teams are finalized, all families will receive an email informing that team selection is complete and that, if they did not receive an invitation, their player was not selected.  The player selection and invitation process takes time, and we will work hard not to delay it unnecessarily, so please be patient with us as we navigate this process.  

"Playing Up": It is the policy of Towson United not to permit players to "play up" on teams in older divisions.  Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for a player demonstrating elite maturity, skill, attitude, effort, and soccer intelligence, and only if that player makes the older division's top or "A" team.

In an effort to be respectful to the time and efforts of planners, evaluators and fellow players, if your player is not coming to tryouts, please contact to let us know so that we can prepare accordingly.




          Towson United's Boys Travel tryouts for the Fall 2024 season will take place on the turf fields at Friends School, 5114 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD.   See below for the tryout schedule for individual age-groups.  Field #1 is closest to the parking lots.  Field #2 is closest to the grass fields.

Session 1 Field #1 Field #2 Session 2 Field #1 Field #2
Monday 5/13/24 6:00-7:15 2014s 2015s 7:15-8:30 2010s
Tuesday 5/14/24 6:00-7:15 2016s 2015s 7:15-8:30 2011s 2013s
Wednesday 5/15/24 6:00-7:15 2014s 7:15-8:30 2012s 2013s
Friday 5/17/24 6:00-7:15 2016s 2017s 7:15-8:30 2010s 2012s
Sunday 5/19/24 5:00-6:15 2017s 6:15-7:30 2011s







          Players may also register for the opportunity to be evaluated for the goalkeeper position apart from a field player.  Goalkeeper evaluations will be run by professional goalkeeper coaches from Born To Fly Goalkeeper Academy and take place either immediately before or after a player's age-group tryout according to the schedule below:

Goalkeeper Evals Session 1 Field #1 Session 2 Field #1
Monday 5/13/24 6:30-7:15 2010s & 2012s 7:30-8:15 2014s & 2015s
Tuesday 5/14/24 6:30-7:15 2011s & 2013s 7:30-8:15 2016s only






What Do Towson United Coaches Look For in Potential Players?

Tryouts can be a mysterious experience for players and parents alike.  Many wonder, “what criteria do coaches use to evaluate players during tryouts?”  It is crucial for players to showcase their best individual abilities, while also displaying qualities that make them valuable team members. 

The evaluation process during tryouts is multi-faceted, as coaches assess players across various dimensions. Skill proficiency, soccer intelligence, athleticism, work ethic, and attitude are the primary attributes considered by coaches when making their team selections.  Below are detailed descriptions of the attributes coaches consider when assessing prospective players.  The activities employed at tryouts are intended to showcase these attributes. 

1. Skill Proficiency 

At the heart of player evaluation lies the assessment of skill proficiency. Coaches carefully observe players’ technical abilities, such as passing, shooting, dribbling, tackling. They look for solid fundamentals, precision, and consistency in execution. Additionally, coaches analyze players’ tactical understanding, decision-making skills, and game awareness. A player who demonstrates a high level of technical proficiency and can make smart decisions on the field stands out during tryouts.

2. Soccer Intelligence & Game Awareness

At Towson United, soccer intelligence and game awareness are crucial attributes of our players, and so coaches evaluate players’ ability to read the game, anticipate situations, and make effective decisions under pressure. This includes understanding the flow of the game, positioning, and the ability to create scoring opportunities or make crucial defensive plays. Players who exhibit strategic thinking, good communication, and a high soccer IQ, for instance, are more likely to catch the attention of coaches during tryouts.

3. Athleticism

Athleticism plays a significant role in a player’s evaluation. Coaches consider factors such as speed, agility, strength, endurance, and coordination. Coaches will assess players’ physical capabilities to determine if they have the potential to excel in soccer and at certain positions. However, it is important to note that coaches also recognize that physical attributes can be developed and improved over time with proper training.

4. Work Ethic & Effort

Coaches look closely at a player’s effort and work ethic.  They consider whether a player exerts maximum effort during the tryout and exceeds the required intensity level, or if they only demonstrate minimum or low effort and intensity levels.  Players that go beyond what is required of them and exceed work rate of fellow prospective players stand out to coaches and increase the likelihood of a favorable evaluation and consideration for a place on a roster. 

5. Attitude, Competitive Spirit, & Performance Under Pressure

Coaches focus on players' attitudes during tryouts to determine their commitment, coachability, and overall character. They observe how players respond to instructions, how they interact with teammates, and their level of discipline and dedication. A positive attitude, willingness to learn and be coached, and a strong work ethic are qualities highly valued by coaches. Players who demonstrate a growth mindset, resilience, and a team-oriented mentality are more likely to make a positive impression during tryouts.

Competitive spirit and the ability to perform under pressure are also essential for success in soccer. Coaches pay close attention to how players handle high-pressure situations, whether during drills, small-sided games, or full scrimmages. The ability to maintain composure, execute skills, and make sound decisions when faced with challenging scenarios is highly valued. Players who thrive in competitive environments, display a hunger to win, and demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity stand out during tryouts.

Towson United Travel Commissioner