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Towson United Coaching Resources

Towson United's Player Development Manual for Modern Coaches

Towson United believes that coaching development is fundamentally tied to player development.  But becoming a good coach requires a deliberate and intentional approach.  Gone are the days of command-and-control coaching.  The Modern Coach must teach players to make smart and quick decisions on the pitch, strive to understand the psychology of players, employ innovative teaching methods to take advantage of individual learning styles, respect player psychology, and oftentimes exercise parent management techniques.   Simply put, the better the coaching, the more players will improve. 

To this end, Towson United developed the The Modern Coach's Player Development Manual  to guide its coaches through the season and beyond.  Its purpose is to provide a uniform philosophy and approach to teaching soccer for coaches to incorporate into their team training and game strategy in a manner that maximizes player development and places players in the best position to succeed on game day. 

Other Coaching Resources

Our equipment and uniform vendor has given us FREE access to a tremendous database of coaching resources found here:  Contact your division coordinator for a username and password!

US Youth Soccer also has some great tools for coaches:

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