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2020 FALL INDOOR LACROSSE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED...  For indoor, your daughter plays in the age group that she will play in NEXT spring, 2021 season.  (So, if she is moving to Lightning for spring 2021, she plays the 2020 Fall indoor season in the Lightning age group, etc).


Season is expected to start the first week of October, 2020 and end in December.  All teams play 10 games and all games are 1 hour in duration.  All Games are 7 v. 7 (6 field players + a goalie)


Registration for Kelly Post Girls Spring 2021 IS OPEN NOW!


...please e-mail the commissioner @ for questions about our Development Teams and summer tournament opportunities, & winter training sessions



Do not delay registering! Kelly Post fills quickly and we have a cap for each age group.  Once that cap is reached, the website will not allow any more players to register for that group.  Space is available on a first come, first serve basis.  If you are waitlisted, we will do all we can to place you on a team.

Evaluations: Due to COVID-19, we will be opting for an alternative evaluation process.  The details are still being worked out, but we anticipate smaller groups being evaluated in early January 2021.

*Clinic, in-house Tyker and clinic do NOT need to attend the evaluations.  All Tyker travel, ALL Lightning and ALL Midget & Junior players DO need to attend evaluations.

*All players participating in the Development Program must register and attend evaluations. The Development Program Teams (Tyker, Lightning & Midget) take place AFTER the regular Spring season and will have separate try-outs open to ALL Tyker, Lightning & Midget players.

Parents, please consider volunteering! We need team parents, coaches, assistant coaches and others for organizational roles (Board members, task committees, etc.). To give your daughters an amazing lacrosse experience, we need the whole lacrosse community involved, which includes NEW PARENTS to jump in and play a role in our continued success. Contact me at and we'll find a role for youthat will feel like "play" not another "job" - I promise


Dave Briglio

Kelly Post Girls Lacrosse Commissioner

Coaching Opportunities & Training

Coaching at Kelly Post is a fun and exciting way to be a part of your daughter's life, give back to the program, and bring your passion for the game to a younger generation.  If you have the desire to volunteer to be a part of our coaching staff, please contact Dave Briglio at

**We have an excellent coaching development program starting for the 2020 season, so regardless of your coaching experience (including ZERO), you'll have fund and help our girls play the RIGHT way!

SPECIAL NOTE: Per Baltimore County policy, all coaches and volunteers must have been cleared through the background checks through their rec council.  

If you are interested in volunteering for Kelly Post Lacrosse in any capacity, please click on the voluteer option on the menu bar to the left and apply online prior to the season.  THANK YOU!


In-house Tyker teams practice twice a week before games start.  Once games start practice goes down to one a week.  Practices should start mid-March, weather permitting.  Games start around the first week of April.  Games are on Saturdays at Overlook Park, 9am-1pm with a few Wednesday evening games. Teams are being formed now, once they are coaches will pick their practice days/times.  

Clinic teams practice once a week - there are no games.  Practices should start mid-March, weather permitting.  Teams are being formed now, once they are coaches will pick their practice days/times.  

More info. will be posted in the following weeks.



Travel teams compete in the MYLA division (Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association).  Teams included are Tyker A and B, Lightning A,B,C, Midget A,B,C and Junior A,B C.  The information below does not pertain to Tyker in-house and Clinic.  

For our MYLA teams:

Teams will play in a pre-season tournament (Catonsville Classic, March 24th & 25th) and a post-season tournament, Lax Splash (June 1-3rd). Both tournaments are sponsored by Kelly Post and are at no additional charge to the parents. Teams will practice three times/week until the season starts; after games start practices will reduce to twice/week.  Practice days/times are being set now. Also, game schedules are published a week or so before games start...but we will roll it out all information as soon as it's available!! 

Other important dates to note:

Catonsville Classic, March 24th & 25th * First Games start April 7/8th  *  First Tyker Travel Games April 14th  *  Weekday Games Start April 16th  *  First Round Play-offs May 18-20th  *  Rain Make-up for Playoffs May 21-24th  *  Second Round Playoffs May 29-31st  *  MYLA Championships June 2nd  *  Lax Splash June 1-3rd

We want to thank you for choosing Kelly Post! We are looking forward to an exciting year! 

Best Regards,

Kelly Post Girls Lacrosse

Dave Briglio

Dave Briglio


Kelly Post Girls Lacrosse Development Program - 2026, 2027 and 2028/2029 (Tyker)

KELLY POST GIRLS LACROSSE will continue and ENHANCE our Developmental Program Teams for the 2020-21 lacrosse season!

Developmental Program:

Kelly Post’s plan is to form a 2028 team, a 2029 team and a Tyker team (2030/2031). The potential to create these teams is contingent on the number of girls who are interested in this program.

Our goal is to give our Kelly Post players an alternative to the multitude of club programs that now exist and work to keep the costs in a more affordable range for the participants while providing a higher level of training than found in a lot of local clubs!

This will be a developmental team with additional costs. There is no cost to try out.

Teams will include the following Age Groups:

2028 - Rising 5th Graders

2029 - Rising 4th Graders

Tyker - Rising 2nd & 3rd Graders (2030/2031)

2028 & 2029 Teams Include:

*Fall and winter Training sessions oriented to specific skillsets for all players at S3 Sports Center, with Rob Slade (Owner of S3) and Kevin Atkinson (Former Kelly Post coach and long-time Girls’ High School and Club Coach) which will focus on conditioning, agility, stick skills & team concepts.

*1-2 Pre-Season Scrimmages with Refs

*Pre-Season Annual Catonsville Classic Tournament in March

*Spring Season in the MYLA League

*2-3 Tournaments in summer

Tyker Team Includes:

* Fall and Winter sessions at S3 Sports Center, with Rob Slade (Owner of S3) and Kevin Atkinson (Former Kelly Post coach and long-time Girls’ High School and Club Coach), which will focus on conditioning, agility, stick skills & team concepts.

*Pre-Season Annual Catonsville Classic Tournament in March

*Spring Season in the MYLA League - This is a travel league, and is different from our In-House Rec League. Players will not play in the In-House Rec Tyker League.

*1-2 Tournaments in summer

With summer vacations & events, we totally understand that summer schedules are crazy. Please, if your child is unable to attend the tryouts please contact Dave Briglio at


There is no cost to tryout. If your daughter is asked to join the team the additional cost will range from $450-$550 for the team costs and $200-$225 for the Training Sessions. This includes the normal spring season registration fee.

All tryouts will be open to all players and we will select the best players for each team. Participation in a Kelly Post Developmental team will allow players to get all the benefits of being in a club program at a significantly lower cost.

Wherever possible, we will add older teams if interest exists.  

For those who prefer traditional rec lacrosse, Kelly Post is continuing to enhance those programs as well. Tryouts for our rec teams will take place in October. Those who are not chosen for a developmental team will be placed on rec teams. Everyone will have a chance to play through our program.  Rec tryouts will take place in October.

If you know any past players or friends who would be interested in trying-out, please pass this email along!!




The season starts in early October and ends in December.

All teams typically play 10 games and all games are 1 hour in duration.  Field play is 6 players and a goalie.

** Space is Limited **

Tyker, Lightning and Midget/Junior:

WHERE: NERRC- Northeast Regional Rec Center on Perring Parkway

When: September 1st through November 21st (10 week season)

How Much: $110 (includes reversible Kelly Post pinnie)

Expected game days/times though not confirmed (please note that these times will be finalized later in the summer): 

Tykers (Second year Tyker only. DOB: 9/1/10-8/31/11) play Friday nights and possibly Wed. (team plays 1x per week)

Lighting (DOB 9/1/2008-8/31/2010) play Monday nights and possibly Sat afternoon (team plays 1x per week)

Midget /Junior Combined (9/1/2004-8/31/2008) play Wed and Fri nights (team plays 1x per week) 

Each team has 1 game per week. Time and/or day will vary.

Teams will have about 13-15 players per team to account for conflicts with in-season sports. Other than possibly 1 preseason practice there are only games - no practices.

IMPORTANT:  We do not recommend indoor lacrosse for girls who do not have at least one year of Tyker experience.  There is very little to no time for instruction, and we go straight into games.



Thank you so much for another successful spring lacrosse season with Kelly Post!  We hope everyone had a great time developing their lacrosse skills as well as friendships that will hopefully continue beyond the lacrosse season.

Kelly Post Girl's Summer League is a low key/low pressure league to allow the girls to keep their sticks in their hands and have some more fun on the lax field after the season ends.  Players will warm up and then be split evenly into 2 teams for a game of 2 - 20 minute halves.

Dates: Sundays from June 17 to July 29, 7 games (Summer league historically consists of 6 games, therefore, June 17th is considered a "bonus" game!)

Where: Meadowood Park
Cost:  $45

This league is first come first serve so please do not wait to respond.  We will cut off registration once we have enough players or by the start of the season whichever comes first.  In the past we have ordered pinnies for each of the girls.  This year to keep the cost down, we are going to distribute and collect pinnies for each game.  Girls are also welcome to wear their reversible KP uniform from this past season but keep in mind they also will wear it for the 2019 spring season.

Here is how the Summer League will work:

-  Girls completing Clinic will play with girls completing first year Tykers on Sunday evenings from 6:00 - 7:00 PM at Meadowood Park on field 4.

Players with birthdates from September 1, 2009- August 31, 2011

-  Girls completing second year Tykers and girls completing first year Lightning will play together on Sunday evenings from 6:00 - 7:00 pm at Meadowood Park on field #3 (turf).

Players with birthdates from September 1, 2007- August 31, 2009

-  Girls completing second year Lightning and girls completing first year Midgets will play together on Sunday evenings from 7:00 - 8:00 at Meadowood Park on Field #3 (turf).

Players with birthdates from September 1, 2005- August 31, 2007


Thanks for all your support of Kelly Post Girls Lacrosse!