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Spring Season Information

Registration for Kelly Post Girls Spring 2022 lacrosse is  Closed 

IMPORTANT!!! The age groups are based on age, not grade - so please 


to see what group your daughter will be playing with this year.

Welcome to the 2022 Kelly Post Girls Spring Registration. We thank you for coming out to play with KP!  It's our pleasure to share with your daughters the sport of lacrosse.  We hope that they will love it as much as we do!  If lacrosse is new to you as well, we know you will love it too.   We're here to help you be part of your daughter's lax-journey. 

*NOTE: in order to be part of our other year-round Development Program offerings, which start August 2021, YOU MUST BE REGISTERED for the Spring season.  Those additional opportunities include:

  • FREE Fall Play Day Scrimmages 
  • Fall & Winter workout sessions (KPGLAX pays 50%!) 
  • FREE Goalie Training
  • Summer Tournament Teams (under $250!)

We also have many opportunities for you to coach, team parent, etc, so please don't be shy about volunteering.  We will train you to have fun while helping other girls grow into strong young women while having fun on the field.  It's a job that you'll wish you started sooner - I know I did. 

-Dave Briglio, Commissioner


EVALUATIONS: We are changing our format and will be having multiple opportunities to evaluate your daughter's level of play to make sure she's on the team that will lead to the greatest level of development for her, while still having fun with her friends.  This will include our fall & winter workout sessions, as well as other events we will schedule prior through February of 2022. 

  • NO evaluations required for Clinic
  • We will be forming A, B and C level teams for all levels ABOVE Tyker (4-8th grade), which play in the MYLA travel league and MUST be evaluated. 
    • *****To play on an A Team, your daughter must also be interested in playing on the Summer Development Team for your daughter's grade (see more below about the Development Team)****
  • Tykers who want to play locally against other KPGLAX teams do NOT need to be evaluated
  • Tyker who wish to play in the MYLA travel league must be evaluated - we will have a B and/or an A team
    • *****To play on the Tyker A Team, your daughter must also be interested in playing on the Summer Development Team for your daughter's grade (see more below about the Development Team)****

NEW DEVELOPMENT TEAM OPTIONS:  The Development team is KPGLAX's response to the need for more playing and player development opportunities, without the expense and time commitments from traditional club programs. 

During the spring season we will hold tryouts for separate summer teams that will play at 3 tournaments in June, and will also have an added practice in May during the MYLA season.  This will be an optional, extra payment, team, with a completely different registration (not yet released).  If your daughter wants to be considered for the development team, please check the appropriate box (Tyker, Lightning & Thunder only) later in this registration.  There is no financial commitment at this time; we simply want to identify those players to be evaluated.

FALL & WINTER WORKOUTSALL Registered Spring Players are welcome to join our Development Team workouts that take place throughout the winter; but priority will be given to those who participated in the Summer of 2021.  This will be an optional, extra payment ($40per 4-week session), program, but reduced in cost. 

If your daughter is interested in participating in these workouts, please check the appropriate box later in this registration, which will allow you to register and pay for a specific session(s) at the very end of the registration.



...All Lightning-Thunder-Juniors teams travel for approximately half of their games.  We play other Rec Programs in the MYLA league.  

For Tyker, we have primarily "in-house" teams who play each other.  But We will have 1 or 2 teams who travel similar to the older groups.  Please check the box in this registration if your daughter is a Tyker player would like to play on the Tyker team(s) that travel to play other MYLA Rec programs.  If she decides later on she doesn't want to play on the travel team, she can play in the house teams - no problem.