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Frequently Asked Questions


FALL 2024

When will the 2024 registration open?

Registration for the fall 2023 is now open for new and returning players! 

How much is registration?

The registration fee for the 2024 tackle football program (8U, 9U, 10U, 12U) is $200 per player. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do! At checkout, you can elect to pay in full or make partial payments over the course of several months.

What if I want my player to “play up” an age level?

You can request that your player “play up” during registration. However, the Commissioner and the Head Coach for the respective age group will make the final decision.

Can I request a specific jersey number for my player?

Jersey numbers for tackle football players are not guaranteed from one season to the next. We will attempt to hold jersey numbers for returning players for the first two registration dates that have partially paid or paid in full for registration. If the jersey number is important to you, register early.

When do we pick up player equipment?

Equipment will be distributed at a TBD location. Dates will be determined and forthcoming. 

Why do NEW players need to be age verified? What is the cutoff date?

Per UCFYL Rules, all players must be age verified. Only official birth certificates or registered copies, Health Department Certificate, official passport, adoption certificate, or official military service identifications are to be accepted as verification of age for issuance of an UCYFL I.D. No other forms will be accepted.

In addition, the official cutoff date for an eligible player is August 1st. Players must turn their official league age no later than August 1st of the current season.

When does OFFICIAL practice start?

Official practice begins on Monday, July 29th, 2024 and are held 4 days a week while school is still out. Summer practices will be held at a TBD location. We will move to a TBD location in late August/September for our official practices.

How often does my child need to attend practice to play in a game?

All players must attend a minimum of 50% of the scheduled practices the week immediately preceding any regular season game.

When do GAMES start?

Games begin in late August, and they run for nine consecutive weeks. For those teams to qualify, Playoff Rounds are the first two weeks of November, culminating with a Championship Round in mid-November.

Where will our HOME and AWAY games be played?

Home games are usually played at TBD on the turf field, but we occasionally host games at other Towson-area fields. Away games are held throughout Baltimore and Harford Counties.

What equipment do I need to purchase for my child?

All tackle football players must purchase cleats, a protective cup, a practice jersey and practice pants.

What equipment does TRC loan to me for the season?

All tackle football players are provided with a helmet, shoulder pads, integrated game pants, a game jersey and a mouthpiece. Please note that all of this equipment must be returned at the end of the season and in good condition. 

Can my high school child play football for TRC?

No, high school students are not permitted to participate.

What is the weight chart?

The UCYFL Executive Board will publish a league weight chart each season that depicts the allowable weights for each tackle football age group and the appropriate classifications for each. The League weight chart is to be published to the Leagues website and disseminated to each (coming soon). Ages 9U thru 14U are classified as unlimited weight.

What are the football sizes for the age divisions?

Flag Football K-2, RR5T, Nike K or UA Pee Wee

8U Age Group   K-2 or RR5T and Nike K, UA Pee Wee

9U Age Group  K-2 or RR5T and Nike K, UA Pee Wee

10U Age Group  TDJ, RR5Y, FX 500 JR or FX 150, Nike J, UA Junior

11U Age Group   TDJ, RR5Y, FX 500 JR or FX 150, Nike J, UA Junior

12U Age Group   TDY, RR51, FX 500 Y or FX 250, Nike Y, UA Youth

14U Age Group   TDY, RR51, FX 500 Y or FX 250, Nike Y, UA Youth

When should we expect to hear from our coach?

Teams are formed in early to mid-June. You should hear from your coach in June (possibly sooner).

We are on the wait list. When should we expect to hear whether or not we have a spot?

We will do our best to find ways to include players who are on the wait list. If you have not heard yet, please be patient.