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Support the Spartans!

How to Support the Triumph!

A successful football program requires dedicated volunteers for all aspects of the program. While the program has no shortage of volunteers, a football program is also dependent on having adequate funds to service the program. Some of the needs are necessary to maintain the program, others create opportunities for growth. In 2023, Towson Triumph football seeks to fund these activities:

1. Purchase a portable, electronic LED scoreboard ($4,000)

2. Market spirit wear, such as shirts, hats, and hoodies, to promote visibility of the program ($1,500)

3. Upgrade and replace old equipment ($2,000)

4. Fund end-of-season events to recognize the players ($2,200)

Recognition Opportunities

  • All sponsors will be recognized on the football home page of, as well as the separate Sponsors Page. The web site receives over 10,000 hits per season from both TRC participants as well as participants from other programs.

  • Sponsors are invited to provide a banner to be displayed at Meadowood Regional Park during each of our home games. Each game provides visibility not only to the 600+ football fans, but to visitors to the park as well. Additionally, we can professionally design your banner at no additional cost. Banners are available in four sizes.

  • Sponsors may be recognized in other ways as well—from concession sign menu boards, to player programs, to team water bottles—please let us know how you would like to be acknowledged!

  • And of course, your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Please contact Chandra Vinson, TRC Football Administrator, at 443-800-2877 or for more information.