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Turf for Towson


TRC's greatest challenge in providing recreational activities to our community is inadequate field space.  The few fields we do have in our jurisdiction are in terrible condition due to overuse.  Therefore, we have requested that Baltimore County install an artificial turf field within TRC's geographic footprint to allow greater access to fields.  The best location for such a field is in the Towson High Stadium.  Currently, we do not have access to this natural grass field due to its fragile condition.  (For more details scroll down to below photo)

Why Does TRC Need a Turf Field?

The Towson Rec Council has more than 6000 active members participating in youth and adult recreational sports.  It is fully administered by volunteers and serves children from public and private schools in the Towson Community.


Inadequate Access to Fields

Currently, within the TRC footprint there is:

·      Not a single regulation size field for soccer, lacrosse or football

·      Not a single field with a football goal

·      Not a single field with lights


The consequences of inadequate field space:

·     Each year, TRC spends thousands of dollars on field rental

·      Even with field rentals, 3-4 teams must share a practice field

·      Some programs are allocated a “home” field in Owings Mills

·      Soccer, Lacrosse and Football limit teams due to field space shortage

·      Program participation is limited by field shortage

·      Demand for programs exceeds capacity

·      Many Towson families cannot be served by TRC

How will Artificial Turf Solve the Problem?

The Towson Community is proposing a Turf Stadium Field in Towson as the first of a series of proposals to improve the quality of recreational facilities in the Towson Community.

The Towson High Stadium field is currently not available to TRC due to over-use leading to poor field conditions.  With a natural grass field, the THS stadium field use is limited to less than 15 hours/week.  The field is also closed to all activity from December 1 through March 1 every year.

If the stadium field were converted to an artificial turf field, it will:

·      Be a full-size regulation field available to TRC

·      Be available year-round in all weather conditions

·      Provide a safe, playable field in TRC’s footprint

Artificial turf on the THS stadium field would increase usage to 70 hours/week year round.  A turf field would provide practice space for 15 rec teams per week and a game field for almost 400 recreational players every weekend.

When Would TRC Use the Field?

M-F 8am - 2pm M-F 2:30-5:30 M-F 5:30-dusk Saturday Sunday
THS Phys Ed THS Athletics TRC THS & TRC TRC

How Will TRC Raise the Money?

TRC has committed $150,000 to offset the cost of the artificial turf installation.  The four major programs that will benefit from the turf field will be asked to contribute a fair portion of the money.  In order to do that in a responsible manner, registration fees for the next two years will be adjusted to include an extra $5-$15 per participant.  Those major programs are boys & girls lacrosse and boys & girls soccer.  The remainder will come from a few smaller programs and the TRC general fund.